The (Procrastinator's) Granite Sports Guide to Valentine's Day

52338384_1963185143989391_5513537495985291264_n (2).png

HEADS UP: in case you somehow missed the bins of giant pink teddy bears blocking all your normal routes through your grocery store, or the incessant pop-up ads for floral delivery while your’e just trying to watch cat videos, VALENTINE’S DAY IS ON THURSDAY. THIS THURSDAY.

We get it. We’re procrastinators too. (Why do you think we’re writing this blog post at 10pm three days before Valentine’s Day?) But don’t panic. We’re here with everything you need to throw together a date that will have your sweetie swooning and using all the hashtags on the Insta.

Start with a candlelit dinner.

Yes, all the best restaurants are completely booked already. But nothing says true love like a home-cooked meal. Boil some water, charge up your inflatable lanterns, and grab the mason jars. You’re well on your way to a dreamy dining experience. (Pictured: Backpacker’s Pantry Freeze-Dried Meals, Luci Inflatable Solar Lights, BarCountry Pocket Cocktails.)

Next, a romantic moonlit outdoor activity.

Night hiking, sledding, ice skating, star gazing. Any outdoor activity is more charming by moonlight. But most outdoor activities are less charming if you’re lost and you can’t feel your extremities. Bundle up and navigate well, kids. (Pictured: Outdoor Research Gloves, Black Hills Maps & Trail Guides, Smartwool Socks.)

Finally, cozy up by the fire.

It’s gift time! Brew some tea, get cuddly, and prepare to be smooched, because you got your one-and-only the best (and easiest last-minute) gift ever: a Granite Sports Gift Card! (Pictured: Stanley Adventure Cook & Brew System, Halfpint Naturals Lip Butter, Granite Sports Gift Card.)

There you have it. The easy-peasey-est Valentine’s Day ever that is sure to be a winner with the one who won your heart. All of these items and a whole lot more available at Granite Sports in Hill City, and Granite Sports Online with free Hill City pickup, $5 USPS priority shipping, and free shipping over $50.)