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To all those climbers in Melbourne wondering what the best indoor bouldering gyms are, we’ve put them all in a list for ya.

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So once you’ve beaten the odds and gotten your hands on all this sweet bouldering gear, the next step is to find a nice bouldering or rock climbing gym to test out your new kit.

Well Melbourne climbers, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of all the best indoor bouldering gyms to get your arms pumped!

So without further ado, here they are (in no particular order):

1. BlocHaus

One of the newest bouldering gyms in Melbourne that originated out of Canberra, BlocHaus has everything you need to get your inner wall crawler on.

It’s got arguably the city’s biggest range of problems that cater for climbers , a spacious gym area, and more than enough room to relax while social distancing.

2. Urban Climb

Touted as Victoria’s largest bouldering space, Urban Climbs certainly lives up to the label.

Hidden away in the industrial backstreets of Collingwood, the gym spans a spacious 1,200 square metres and has all the bouldering problems you could ever ask for.

If you need something else to break up your usual routine, there’s also a fitness studio and gym to keep the adrenaline pumping.

3. Bouldering Lab

Opened in February this year, Bouldering Lab is quickly making a case as one of the biggest and best bouldering gyms in Melbourne (if not Australia).

Boasting 700 square metres of wall space,  two training sections, a cafe area and more than enough space to just chill, Bouldering Lab has got everything a climber will ever want or need.

Sadly, COVID-19 has forced the gym to close for the time being, so put Bouldering Lab on your “must-visit” list when it reopens again soon.

4. Northside Boulders

Comprising of three gyms in Brunswick, Northcote, and Abbotsford, Northside Boulders is an easy favourite for climbers due to its range of problems and laidback vibe.

The Abbotsford gym in particular poses a bit more of a challenge as the walls are a bit higher than usual (about 4.5 metres) so it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

5. Burnley Bouldering Wall

This is bending the rules a bit as it’s not technically indoors, but there is cover and it is a bouldering wall at the end of the day.

What sets Burnley Bouldering Wall apart from all the other places is that it is a community-built and funded wall that’s free and accessible 24/7.

Make sure you bring your own chalk and crash pad though or you’re going to be in a spot of bother.

6. Hard Rock

Okay, this is cheating a bit as Hard Rock is more catered towards those who favour top rope climbing.

However, there is a bouldering area at the Nunawading branch so you can boulder at Hard Rock if you wish.

But seeing as how you’ve got a shiny new harness from that rock climbing prize pack we’re giving away, you might as well try that out on top of bouldering.

Competition runs from September 21 2020 12pm AEST to November 30 2020 12pm AEST. Only Australian residents are eligible.

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Competition: We’re running a bouldering gear giveaway for all you climbers out there
Entrants: Only Australian residents are eligible
Entry Period: Starts at September 21 2020 12pm AEST and ends at November 30 2020 12pm AEST
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Limit: One (1) entry per person
Judging Criteria:  Originality and creativity
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Notification:  By email within a week of the winner being chosen
Claim Period: Within 4 weeks from the date of Notification. [Note: 3 months in South Australia. Shortest claim period is 4 minutes in NSW]
Unclaimed Prize Determination: Should the winner not claim the prize within 4 weeks from the date of Notification, a new winner will be chosen. The new winner will be notified via email within a week of the Prize Determination.
Prize: 1 – Climbing shoes valued up to $200 incl GST
1 – Chalk bag valued up to $35 incl GST
1 – Tube of liquid chalk valued at $12 incl GST
1 – Harness valued up to $100 incl GST
Total Prize Value: Up to $350 incl GST
Prize Conditions: a) Entrants must have a fully completed Brag Observer profile

b) Entrants must answer the question as required

c) The Prize is subject to availability