Take our bouldering survey and you could win some rock climbing gear – The Brag

To all you climbers out there, come fill out our bouldering survey and be in the running to win some new rock climbing gear.

Bouldering and rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia, and it seems like every new person you meet seemingly does it as a hobby or as a form of exercise, especially when they have a bunch of gear hanging off their backpack.

Since bouldering is the hot thing to do these days, we’d love it if you could take our survey so we can know a bit more about you and your climbing habits.

Now this isn’t just a one-ended relationship where you fill out a survey and we give you nothing. That would be a bit rude.

When you fill out our bouldering survey, you’ll be automatically entered into our rock climbing gear competition for the change to win a prize pack worth up to the value of $350.


Okay, so you’re probably wondering what’s in this $350 rock climbing gear prize pack. Well we’re please to tell you that this is no half-arsed gear giveaway as the pack contains:

  • Climbing shoes
  • A chalk bag
  • A tube of liquid chalk
  • A harness

There’s no catch or any strings attached to this giveaway. Just fill out the survey below and you’ll be in the running for all that sweet, sweet rock climbing gear.

Competition runs from September 21 2020 12pm AEST to November 30 2020 12pm AEST. Only Australian residents are eligible.

Terms and conditions can be found here.