Tour a $78M mountain retreat with its own climbing wall (video) –

Today Architectural Digest takes you inside Casteel Creek Retreat – a $78 million, 439-acre compound in the heart of the Rockies with a spectacular variety of on-site amenities. The 32,000 sq. ft. main home has 8 full guest suites and luxurious entertainment spaces, including a 200 foot outdoor viewing deck for soaking up unparalleled mountain views. But that’s literally just the start: A 25,000 sq. ft. lodge with adjacent helipad, a fully equipped cabin, two yurts, and a pair of “wild west” apartments with a mock prison cell are also on the property, ready to host anything you could imagine. From a luxury spa and a Japanese steakhouse grill to arcade games and a sound-proof shooting gallery, Casteel Creek truly has something for everyone. Plus, if you and your friends are ready to scale new heights, a 65 foot indoor climbing wall has all the space, ropes and harnesses to accommodate six people at once.

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