Detroit’s first indoor climbing gym to open at Eastern Market with dozens of rope routes, bouldering –

DETROIT – An indoor rock climbing facility is in the works for Detroit. When DYNO climbing and Fitness opens, it will be the only indoor climbing and fitness gym of its kind located in the city.

Construction crews are currently building DYNO at 3500 Orleans St. at the historic Eastern Market. The nearly 20,000 square foot facility is scheduled to open this November, pending COVID-19 restrictions.

Owner Dino Ruggeri, a Grosse Pointe native, says he is an outdoors enthusiast. He had been living in Colorado teaching skiing. He says he wanted to move back home to bring his passion for the outdoors to the city for everyone to enjoy, from beginners to experts.

“I wanted to share that excitement I was learning out West back home,” Ruggeri told MLive. “Rock climbing translates really well indoors. You can be a total beginner or you can be an expert and there’s something here for you here to climb. We are going to be set up to accommodate all skill levels, all body types and all strength levels. It’s a very inclusive activity.”

DYNO will feature rope climbing, bouldering and lead climbing. There will be 17,000 square feet of climbing terrain, more than 75 rope routes and more than 120 boulder problems. There will also be a fitness area and yoga classes.

Ruggeri says no matter what your skill level is, rock climbing has a lot of great health benefits, for both body and mind.

“It’s a great workout. It’s great for body movement, core strength, shoulders and arms. There’s also a great community aspect. It’s not about competing with someone else. There’s no winners and losers. It’s about competing with yourself, seeing yourself progress, dealing with failure. There’s a great sense of problem solving. Mentally, it’s really stimulating, fun and engaging.”

Ruggeri says the walls are designed for everyone and this sport is all about inclusion, community and people helping people.

“It’s very encouraging as it’s not uncommon to hear people on the ground cheering you on. That encouragement helps motivate people. What’s cool is, there can be experts next to beginners and those experts want to help because they have been there before and they’re excited to welcome new people to the activity. That’s what keeps people coming back. Climbing is about friends and community.”

Ruggeri says if the gym is allowed to open in November, there will be protocols in place to be as safe as possible during the global pandemic.

“The executive order currently excludes trampoline parks and indoor climbing walls. We are lumped together in that category, but we are a training facility and gym. People come here to train. Yes, we are an indoor climbing wall, but it’s a lifestyle. People are training here just like any other gym. We are also a 20,000 square foot building. Social distancing is very achievable here. We will have a mask at all times policy. People will check in and check out so we will know who is here and how long they’ve been here. We can easily trace people. We will also have a state of the art HVAC system for introducing fresh air and treating the air.”

Pricing hasn’t been finalized yet, but Ruggeri says there will be month to month memberships, day passes, family memberships and punch cards which will all include the fitness area and yoga classes.


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